• We work on assignments for you, our client company, and it is YOU to whom we are responsible at the time.
  • We aim to present you with a relevant and high-calibre short list comprising concise and accurate information to meet your special requirements.
  • Wherever possible, candidates have been carefully researched, qualifications and previous employment history verified. Prior to employment, we are able to perform credit and police checks (with the candidate's approval).
  • Once you have received our candidate information we will of course talk through the details with you and make any interview arrangements on your behalf.
  • We will keep you closely briefed throughout, and act as a negotiating ally at any stage.
  • In all cases we will provide advice throughout the recruitment process, and the objective is to establish a successful and long-term association with you as a client.
  • Our fees become due only when one of our candidates has commenced employment.
  • Your brief will be kept confidential and your company details treated with utmost respect.
  • At all times, we take very seriously the responsibility of representing your company in a favourable and professional light to potential employees.